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SmartRuns FAQS

 Who are some of SmartRunsí customers?

We cater to small to medium sized groups and organizations. Past customers have been non-profits, trade associations, church groups, family owned businesses, corporations and local sports leagues. We can easily accommodate groups from 200 to 10,000.

 Is SmartRunsí Web site, registration, and payment service secure?

Yes. SmartRuns uses fully secured Web pages with GEO Trust a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). After credit cards are approved, the credit information is dropped from our system. Only the first and last four numbers of the credit card are stored. Any information provided by the registrant or by the event coordinator is protected.

 Is SmartRuns expensive?

Not if you want to eliminate the tedious administrative work that comes with event registration! A small fee is charge to the participant that cover the credit card fees, plus a small registration fee. Please refer to our Pricing page.

 What fees will I incur when using SmartRuns

There is a software usage charge that pays for the ability to create registration pages, manage registrions and produce reports. These charges are applied regardless of the eventís registration price. A handling charge is applied for accepting credit card payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

 When do we get paid from the registrations of our event(s)?

The SmartRuns payment service sends out checks two times a month or if you are using your own online payment gateway within 3 business days.

 If I decide to collect payments online, what credit cards are accepted?

VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

 Can someone pay their registration by check?

Yes. The SmartRuns runs system can processes checks manually. You can choose to have SmartRuns receive and process the checks. Or you can choose the option to have SmartRuns track the registrations while you process and receive the checks. Itís up to you!

 Can I use SmartRuns for free events?

Yes. SmartRuns can be used to register participants to a free event in the same way. A small per person registration fee will be invoiced to the event coordinator.

 What size does my logo need to be?

Your logo needs to be 72 DPI resolution.

 Where do I view who registered for my event?

After logging into your SmartRuns Event Coordinator profile, you will see a list of menu options, including your reports.

 How does a participant confirm they are registered?

Each participant will have a registration confirmation screen at the end of the online registration process. Also, the participant will receive an e-mail confirmation. The confirmation will be e-mailed to the address they provide during the registration process.

 How many people can register for one event?

The SmartRuns system is quite smart. We can handle events with up to 10,000 participants.

 How does SmartRuns handle requests for refunds?

SmartRuns supports whatever refund policy you have specified in your Event Profile and will only process a refund when the request comes from the contact person specified in your Account Profile. We recommend your refund policy be as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings with your event participants. If SmartRuns does process a refund, we charge a handling fee in addition to the credit card fee.

 Can SmartRuns provide tiered pricing for participants?

SmartRuns has many options for offering discounts to registrants. You can offer a time-based discount such as an ďearly birdĒ option which expires on a given date.

 How will I know how many people have registered for my event?

SmartRuns reporting tools let you view all of your event information from your Event Coordinator profile. You also have the option to have a confirmation e-mail sent to you each time a participant registers!

 How do I ensure promotional codes arenít shared or abused?

Promotional codes received from SmartRuns can be designated as one-time use. The SmartRuns electronic system will not allow a second registrant to use the same personalized promotional code.

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Online Payment
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Built-in accounts receivable tracking
  • Automated wait listing and early bird pricing
  • Allows donation registrations
Special Package
  • Race Director/Organization Web page
  • Race/Walk Information page
  • Online Registration form

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